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Step1 - PTH Ripper
Step1 - Ripper
It rips up heavy soils
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Step 2 - PTH Crusher
Step2 - Crusher
The stone breakers for heavy-duty operations
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Step 3 - Speedgrader
Step3 - Speedgrader
The alternative to the motor grader
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Step 4 - PTH Compactor
Step4 - Compactor
The mighty vibrating-plate compactor
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PTH Produkte - PTH Multi Crusher
PTH Multi Crusher
The PTH CC is a new release in mobile demolition technology.
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PTH Produkte - PTH Hymog
PTH Hymog
It is an evolution of its predecessor and offers even more advantages.
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aBr - wear-free reducing speed
aBr - wear-free reducing speed
From now on, no more hot brakes when going downhill!
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Produkte - PTH-tracks
PTH Tracks
The PTH tracks are an economic and efficient alternative to tracked vehicles.
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PTH tracks - The alternative track drive

The PTH tracks are an economic and efficient alternative to tracked vehicles. The simple mounting method ensures that all cars, trucks, tractors and other equipment carriers can quickly convert from wheel drive to tracked vehicle.

PTH tracks are ideal for hut owners, emergency services and for a variety of activities in ski resorts. Also the preparation of trials for cross-country skiing and slopes is possible in combination with an appropriate towing vehicle. Whether in summer or winter, in snow or mud - the PTH tracks are the proper all-rounder; the special profiling in combination with the large contact surface protects against surface damage and crop damage in farmland.

  • The preparation of trials for cross-country skiing is an example of the many operational applications of our PTH tracks
  • PTH tracks are an inexpensive alternative for hut owners, ski slope maintenance, emergency services, etc.
  • Rapid conversion from wheels to PTH tracks - track drive!
  • Multiple applications: Adapter plates enable the mounting onto different vehicles
  • For application on snow, dry or silted road surfaces

PTH Tracks auf Mercedes Benz UnimogPTH Tracks auf Toyota Hilux

PTH tracks find a way to be useful on a wide variety of vehicles as depicted on the photos. The widest variety of profiling and treads provide absolute grip and safety. Depending on the intended application, size and weight of the vehicle, PTH offers the proper configuration.

Whether underway on snow, mud, gravel or road - with PTH tracks you are always safe and secure.


PTH Tracks auf AEBI - Gesamtgewicht 9.5 Tonnen inkl. ArbeitsgerätPTH Tracks auf AEBI - Gesamtgewicht 9.5 Tonnen inkl. Arbeitsgerät

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PTH Products machines are used throughout the world under the toughest working conditions

We deliver know-how based on 20 years of experience mechanical engineering and road construction.
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Technical Data:

Height: 815 mm PTH-tracks technische Zeichnung
Width: 420 mm
Length: 1341 mm
Tare weight: 4x 165 kg


In the magazine "Der fortschrittliche Landwirt"  you will find a  detailed report (PDF download) on the PTH Tracks.

... ... more photos to be seen in the Photo Album