PTH shoulder milling machine

The PTH verge tiller is the ideal machine for the renovation and maintenance of all types of verges. Individually attachable to tractors, wheel loaders, excavators or other carrier vehicles.

On paved and unpaved paths and roads, it is regularly necessary to mill off overgrown, overgrown and raised edges to ensure proper water drainage.
This significantly and sustainably increases the service life of the path or road.

Sustainable banquet care

Well-maintained verges are not just for looks. Above all, they make an important contribution to the safety and durability of our roads and paths. Expensive renovations can be saved with regular verge maintenance.

Clean verges allow rainwater to run off without any problems. In winter, they prevent the accumulated water from freezing and thus permanently damaging the road surface.

The PTH verge cutter is the first choice for the sustainable and thorough maintenance and renovation of road verges. With the unique PTH rotor technology, even harder material is shredded and thrown into the trench.

Areas of application

GaLa construction companies, municipalities, road maintenance companies, agriculture

Road construction & maintenance
Municipalities, road owners


The technology of the PTH verge cutter originates from the combination of stone cutter and mulcher from PTH. This ensures the best results even in the hardest materials.

The functions of the PTH verge tiller can be controlled hydraulically from the carrier vehicle and is characterized by its outstanding user-friendliness.

The PTH verge tiller can be hydraulically folded onto the vehicle from the carrier vehicle for convenient transportation to the job site.

Technical Data 900 1150 1400
Number of tools pcs.
Required flow rate
from 100 l/min.
from 100 l/min.
from 120 l/min.
Required pressure
200-360 bar
200-360 bar
200-360 bar
single-sided with 6 high-performance V-belts
Dead weight
approx. 950 kg
approx. 1,000 kg
approx. 1,050 kg
Working width
up to 900 mm
up to 1,150 mm
up to 1,400 mm
Total width working position
2,700 mm
Working depth Transport position
1,550 mm
Working depth
max. 150 mm

Standard equipment

Carbide-tipped, stationary special tools

Rotor technology with overlapping tool arrangement

Inner armor made of 10 mm HARDOX, replaceable

Low wear on tool holders

Attachment frame for tractor, wheel loader, excavator, etc.

Hydraulic adjustment of cutting angle and discharge angle

Hydraulic adjustment of support wheel

Hydraulic change from working to transport position

Special equipment wheel loader, tractor, mini loader

  • Front attachment communal panel

  • Tandem support wheel hydraulically height-adjustable

  • Control block with joystick and PTH Tronic

  • Special paint finish in RAL colors

Special equipment excavator, mowing boom, crane superstructure

  • Adapter plate for carrier vehicle

  • Combi quick-change adapter

  • Rotary rotator

  • Rotor-Tilt

  • Special paint finish in RAL colors


PTH shoulder milling machine

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