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At PTH Products, every component and every machine is developed and produced with the aim of offering our customers the decisive ADDED VALUE in daily use.


Continous development of existing products and ideas for the design of new machines in cooperation with leading contractors and the vehicle industry guarantees our customers added value through maximum productivity in the future too.


The ADDED VALUE is characterized by MORE efficiency, economy, lifetime, technology and quality. Only this extra performance gives you the daily edge over your competitors.


PTH Products is an innovative, world-leading company in the development and production of attachments for tractors, construction machinery and other implement carriers.

Over 25 years of experience and the passion to continuously improve ourselves and our products for our customers are the goal of our daily work.

The areas of application for our product portfolio are extremely versatile and range from road construction and road building to forestry and agriculture.

Our range includes stone crushers, stone tillers, subsoilers, graders, plate compactors, forestry tillers and forestry mulchers, verge cutters, combination and multifunctional machines, dozer blades, stump grinders and much more.

Our owner-managed company has its headquarters and production in Styria and is deeply rooted in this region of Austria. Over 95 % vertical integration speaks for the highest quality - MADE IN AUSTRIA.

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