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Step1 - Ripper
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Step4 - Compactor
The mighty vibrating-plate compactor
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PTH Compactor - The mighty vibrating-plate compactor

PTH Compactor Plattenverdichter zum Anbau an Traktoren, Motorgräder, Unimog, etc...

The PTH compactor is a tremendously powerful plate compressor, the only one of its kind.

It is equipped with hydraulic lateral displacement, making compacting beside slopes possible and safe. It impresses with its simple mounting principle and its extremely robust construction.

Mounting onto tractors, Unimogs, wheel loaders, rollers, excavators, etc. is possible.


Basic features:

Die Rüttelplatte des PTH Compactor besteht aus einem 3er VerbundVibrating plate in a 3-element combination

  • Vibrating plate of wear-resistant special cast material
  • Quick-change frame with Euro-approved holding fixture
  • Complete hydraulic equipment with own pump
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • 3-point mounting frame for tractor use


PTH Products machines are used throughout the world under the toughest working conditions

We deliver know-how based on 20 years of experience mechanical engineering and road construction.
PROFESSIONAL TEAM HOTLINE: +43 ( 0 ) 3857 80530-0


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Technical Data:

Operating weight: 3.500 kg
Working width: 2.550mm
Working depth: uip to 550 mm
Vibration system: adjustable
Frequency 25 - 60 Hz
Amplitude 2,12 mm
Centrifugal force: 3 x 75 kN
Power requirement: at least 45 kW ( 65 hp)
Mounting 3-point
lateral adjustment (optional) 350 mm left/right